Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion

"We believe in building a culture and environment that attracts, values and retains people from all backgrounds, life experiences, preferences and beliefs – ensuring they are recognised and respected as individuals and valued for the different perspectives they bring. As our business grows, our needs and challenges become more diverse and therefore so too must our workforce."
Chris Worle, Director and executive committee member responsible for our diversity and inclusion strategy.

Supporting our strategy is a framework (M.A.T.C.H.) which allows us to structure and articulate our diversity and inclusion efforts, allocate responsibility within our senior management group, and demonstrate progress.


Mission and values

Diverse organisations have a strong, positive mission and core values. Our values provide the framework that make managing diversity a necessary long-term business objective for all.

HL people understand our values and how they can apply them to all aspects of their role. We have a specific focus on certain values (e.g. ‘do the right thing’) and their role in creating a diverse and inclusive culture.

Agile and flexible working

As an organisation who manages diversity and inclusion well, we provide flexibility not only in working arrangements but also in policies, practices and procedures.

This includes the experience of returning following maternity/paternity leave and the introduction of twilight shifts and other part-time, more flexible roles. Better technology in remote and home working improves communication and collaboration, and enables greater flexibility for many colleagues.

Transparent and fair policies and processes

All employment processes and systems, such as recruitment, induction, pay and performance appraisals must be free from any hindrances to diversity or inclusion. Our aim is to be clear, fair and transparent.

HR management information plays a key role here as does an ongoing unconscious bias training programme.

Capable and informed people

We have a workforce who are aware of, and guided by, the principles of managing diversity and inclusion and managers who have the skills and training to undertake their roles fairly and effectively.

Manager and team personality trait and behaviour training runs alongside our career development and leadership development programmes.

HL community

We want HL to be a place where people can be themselves and be the best that they can be. Our culture is safe and encourages contributions from all team members, with inclusive decision making that is free from bias.

We are supporting this with the development of networks and events which promote diversity, inclusion and teambuilding.

Diversity by numbers