Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion

"We believe in a culture and inclusive colleague experience that values people from all walks of life. Please come as you are. We respect, value and embrace diversity and ensure everyone is recognised and respected for the different perspectives they bring."
Chris Hill, CEO and executive committee member responsible for our diversity and inclusion strategy.

HL employee diversity by numbers

(as at March 2019)

"We are committed to diversity and to support the progression of women at all levels of the business and into senior roles. Diversity amongst board members is of great value but it is a far wider subject than just gender – it is diversity of thought which makes the real difference. We are pleased with the progress we are making. As of today, the HL board numbers 9 in total, of which 2 are executive and 7 independent (including the Chair) and 33.3% of the board are women."

Deanna Openheimer, Non-executive Chair

HL is committed to ensuring that our workforce is as culturally diverse as possible, in order for us to inspire creativity and drive innovation. Having a fair representation of employees enables us to develop products and services that better reflect the current market. Internally, we have a Cultural Diversity Group, looking at tackling subjects such as minimising discrimination and supporting the local BAME community.

At HL we recognise that disabled people and those with health conditions are a vital part of our current and future workforce. We adhere to legal requirements and best practices to ensure a fair and consistent approach to supporting disabilities at work. HL encourages applications from anyone with a disability or health condition, and will approach each situation on an individual basis.

Displaying age diversity in our workforce has been achieved by focusing on the skills and experience necessary within our employees for the roles that they perform. Age diversity enables HL to retain a larger spectrum of knowledge, values, and preferences, and have a considerable positive effect on the overall productivity of our business. We support age diversity by creating roles which better suit part time workers and the older generation, along with having a number of successful early careers programmes in order to attract younger employees.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

Women in Business

As a signatory of the Women in Business Charter, we are committed to improving and maintaining gender diversity and inclusion at all levels of our business.

Key actions include:

  • The promotion and availability of flexible and part-time working, especially at senior levels that attract higher levels of pay and conditions
  • A commitment to increase the numbers of women at senior levels and on the board
  • Making at least one member of the senior executive team responsible for reporting on gender equality and inclusion
  • A commitment to closing the gender pay gap

Women in Finance Charter

Our purpose is to empower people to save and invest with confidence. We believe in nurturing innovation, integrity and the brightest ideas, and that an inclusive workplace and diverse workforce is key to our current and future success.

We are committed to inclusion and diversity, and supporting the progression of women at all levels of the business and into senior roles. This ties in with the aims of the Women in Finance Charter, a government initiative which promotes diversity and inclusion. Hargreaves Lansdown is a signatory to the charter.

Our aim is to increase female representation at senior management level to between 25 - 30% by 2021. As at August 2019 this was 27.9%, up from 26.6% in August 2018. We have a clear action plan in place and we will publish our progress annually against these targets on our website.

30% Club

HL is a proud member of the 30% Club which works to increase the numbers of women on FTSE-100 boards and support diversity at all levels of an organisation.

Bristol Equality Charter

HL is also proud to have been one of the first signatories of the Bristol Equality Charter, which was set up to help improve equality, diversity and inclusion across Bristol.

Stepping up

HL is proud to have joined the Bristol Stepping Up BAME Leadership Programme in 2019, which aims to unlock potential and develop talent, whilst ensuring a fair representation of BAME people in positions of leadership. This involves providing mentoring sessions with individuals within the local community.

Celebrating inclusion at HL

At HL, we understand that all of our employees have different backgrounds and experiences. We strive to employ people who reflect the communities and clients we serve, and aim to create a workplace where everyone can be themselves, share ideas and reach their full potential.

Internally, we have 3 groups focusing on diversity and inclusion:


Kaleidoscope, our internal society, aims to encourage a culture of respect and equality for colleagues and clients, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, without fear or discrimination. We are proud to be a sponsor of the annual Bristol Pride event.

Gender diversity

HL is a workplace that values all gender identities equally. This group supports this aim by helping to create equal opportunities for all genders, building support networks, and promoting a culture that recognises the benefits of gender equality.

Cultural diversity

The cultural diversity group aims to promote and increase diversity within HL, both internally and externally. We promote learning, understanding and offer support, alongside organising cultural events both internally and externally.