University placements

Step into the world of work with a one-year business placement

Applications have now closed for our 2024 programme.

Why choose HL

This is a fantastic opportunity to join the UK's number one investment firm, with over 1.7 million clients entrusting over £120 billion worth of investments with us.

With a culture of constant learning, dynamic teams and a great ethos you would receive plenty of development opportunities. Alongside our fantastic working environment there are many social, sports and volunteering activities to get involved with.

Why do a placement with us?

  • A chance to develop your knowledge of the world of work and business and enhance your Employability skills.

  • A supportive mentor and line manager who you will meet with regularly to support you throughout your year with professional growth and development.

  • You'll gain an insight into future careers at HL and more broadly.

  • You will get the opportunity to develop your presentation and organisational skills through our placement project, which will also give you the opportunity to work alongside the other placement students in your cohort,

Don't just take our word for it, here is what some of our current placements have to say about the scheme:

“When I started in HL, I had Impostor Syndrome. Now, I know I belong here. My amazing team and great colleagues make my experience here so great. They support me through everything and make me feel included. HL is also very diverse, with lots of wonderful people to help you all the way. Specifically, my amazing manager and mentor, who have taught me so much. I will always remember HL with good memories, and in the future, I always have HL in mind as a place I would like to come back to.”

“It's a great group of people from different businesses that are also similar ages/at university, and we all really connect well. I've made long-lasting friendships that go beyond just work relationships.”

“It was a very daunting experience, especially being an introduction into a first professional job, but everyone is extremely understanding and welcoming. They understand that you are here to learn and are supportive of you and your professional journey.”

“The placement opens a host of different doors for opportunities for both your professional and interpersonal skills. You get an insight into how a large business works and to work in a fast paced, office environment. You also work with people who have worked in several different sectors, businesses and walks of life. You're able to develop rapport and professional relationships, something which you don't have a real-life taste of at university. “

Who are we looking for?

We're looking for passionate and enthusiastic individuals who are eager to learn.

To be eligible for the scheme, students must be in their penultimate year at Uni with a course that allows for a sandwich year and must be in line to achieve a 2.2 or higher overall in an undergraduate degree. Students must be available for the duration of the placement year (annual leave entitlement excluded) that run from July to June.